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Course Design

Designed with equity in mind

CS Discoveries is designed from the ground up to be an accessible and engaging course for all students, regardless of background or prior experience. It provides students opportunities to engage with culturally and personally relevant topics in a wide variety of contexts and aims to show all students that CS is for them.

Focus on creation

We know that giving students agency in their learning is a powerful tool for creating fun, engaging, and lasting experiences. CS Discoveries focuses on the skills that enable students to create and express themselves in a variety of contexts and media. Whether they are developing their own website, designing an app, building a game, or creating a physical computing device, students are empowered to bring their ideas to life.

Completing a K-12 pathway

CS Discoveries is designed to fit naturally between the CS Fundamentals courses and CS Principles course. While each of these courses is designed to be an age-appropriate entry point to computer science, students with previous experience will find many new topics to explore, and they will revisit familiar topics in novel and more challenging contexts.

Supports for new-to-CS teachers

CS Discoveries is specifically designed to support new-to-CS teachers. The curriculum includes detailed lesson plans, and frequent teaching tips. The accompanying forum is an active community of support that teachers can use to discuss their practice and find additional resources. Teachers can also apply for our professional learning program for further support.

Flexible Implementation

CS Discoveries is appropriate for 6th-10th grade classrooms and can be used in either middle school or early high school. The two semesters build on each other, allowing the course to be taught as a single semester, two sequential semesters, a full-year course, or even integrated into existing technology classes.

Powerful tools with a high ceiling

CS Discoveries introduces students to tools and programming languages that are accessible for beginners while offering more advanced students opportunities to create sophisticated projects. Using our existing App Lab programming environment and our new programming environment, Game Lab, students will be able to transition from blocks to typed code at their own pace while learning JavaScript. Students will also develop maker skills through the study of physical computing at a very accessible cost.