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CS Principles

What is CS Principles?

The course introduces students to the foundational concepts of computer science and challenges them to explore how computing and technology can impact the world. The AP Program designated AP Computer Science Principles with the goal of creating leaders in computer science fields and attracting and engaging those who are traditionally underrepresented with essential computing tools and multidisciplinary opportunities.

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Professional Learning Program

The CS Principles (CSP)  Professional Learning Program offers year round support designed for educators teaching a semester or full-year course. The program kicks off with an intensive, hands-on, in-person  5-day summer workshop providing foundational experiences with computer science and the suite of tools. The week-long workshop is the primary capacity building experience for teachers prior to their first year of instruction. Participants will explore the curriculum and tools, consider and experiment with specific classroom management and teaching strategies, and build a local community of teachers who are using the curriculum. 

Continuing professional development is offered throughout the year, featuring a menu of online and local in-person professional development options from which educators can build a customized personal learning pathway.  The in-person meetings are run by CodeWV facilitators. They focus on the essential elements of the course, such as teaching new content, keeping the classroom environment equitable and engaging, and continuing to build pedagogical strategies. The online activities are focused on building the online professional learning community, providing continued support with tools and content, introducing new and helpful resources for teaching the course, and further exploring the curriculum. 

You don't need any prior computer science experience to get started. And teachers love it! 90% rank it the best professional development ever.

Applications for the 2019-2020 CS Principles Professional Learning Program are now open! Apply today!

High School Professional Learning
  • You don't need any prior computer science experience to get started!
  • The program kicks off with a 5-day summer workshop where you'll have an opportunity to work hands-on with the curriculum and meet the other teachers from your area.
  • Throughout the year, we offer online support for upcoming units, forum support, and 1-day quarterly workshops.
  • is a nonprofit dedicated to helping schools teacher computer science. In West Virginia, professional learning is offered at no cost to you or your school.
  •'s  CSP curriculum is also an introductory course that requires no computer science background (form students or teachers). It is recommended for 9th-12th grade students with stronger reading and writing skills. It can be taught as an AP or non-AP course. More than a traditional introduction to programming, it is a rigorous, engaging, and approachable course that explores many of the foundational ideas of computing so all students understand how these concepts are transforming the world we live in.
Professional Learning for CSP